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About Studio Wormwood

My name is Dave Kaminsky and I created Studio Wormwood to be a haven for musicians, bands, and artists of all styles and genres in the quiet corner of Eastern Connecticut. My goal is to be a catalyst for your creative vision and to bring your musical inspiration to fruition! Studio Wormwood is a hybrid analog/digital recording studio. At the heart of the studio is a Toft ATB 32-channel console, providing an analog backbone to digital recordings made at 24-bit/96k.

My life’s passion is the creation of music - of any style, from death metal to acoustic folk and everything in between. Whether behind the board or on stage with a guitar in hand, I am truly happiest when I am bringing music to life. I attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona in 2010, and went on to spend the following four years working my way up from intern to engineer at the venerable Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida. I am extremely fortunate to have learned the arts of recording and mixing from true masters of the craft, and I have brought all of that experience with me to Eastern Connecticut.

When you record and mix with me, you get every ounce of my being poured directly into your project to create the very best product that we can, together.